FINISH: Polished

Celador 2.0 - Super White 13 - Engineered Stone

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Material Considerations
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Inventory Overview
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Care + Maintenance
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Technical Performance Specs
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SERIES: Celador 2.0
MATERIAL: Engineered Stone
Availability Type Nominal Size Thickness Finish
Special Order Tile 12"x12" 10mm Polished
Special Order Tile 12"x24" 10mm Polished
Special Order Tile 12"x48" 10mm Polished
Special Order Tile 16"x16" 10mm Polished
Limited Stock Tile 24"x24" 10mm Polished
Special Order Tile 24"x48" 10mm Polished
Special Order Tile 48"x48" 10mm Polished
Limited Stock Tile 18"x36" 10mm Polished
Stock Slab 120"x55" 2CM Polished
Stock Slab 120"x55" 3CM Polished
Limited Stock Tile 24"x24" 1/2" Polished

STOCK - Items are generally in stock in select sizes. Inventory levels vary.
LIMITED STOCK - Boutique items. Available in smaller quantities due to material demand and availability.
QUICK SHIP - Items are available in quantities up to 2,000 SF and are available to ship in 7 business days or less.
SPECIAL ORDER - Items are not in stock. Lead times vary. Ask your sales consultant for details.

Refer to Inventory Overview PDF for "Availability" descriptions.

Exterior Cladding Exterior Pavers Interior Walls Interior Floors Kitchen Countertops Other Countertops Wet Areas Traffic
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Heavy Commercial

Refer to Applications Guide PDF for descriptions and most commonly used materials by application.

Care + Maintenance
Pre-Grouting Protection Initial Cleaning Protection
Natural Effect
Color Enhancing
NA Deterdek/Fila CR10 NA NA Fila Cleaner Fila PS/87

Refer to Care + Maintenance PDF for descriptions and cleaning instructions.

Important information about this material
Celador 2.0 is a quartz based agglomerate, cast into tiles and slabs. Celador 2.0 is highly durable and is suitable for many residential and commercial interior applications.

 Technical Performance Specs
(The ability of a material to resist surface wear.)
High This material has relatively high abrasion resistance. It rates as a 7 or higher on the Mohs scale. Quartzite or granite typically fall into this range. This material is less likely to scratch than marble, limestone, onyx or slate, etc.
(The relative porosity of a material.)
Low This material is virtually non-porous. No sealer is required and it is less likely to stain.
(The likelihood of a material reacting to acidic foods or liquids.)
Minimal This material is minimally sensitive to acids. It will not acid etch or lose its surface sheen when exposed to acidic liquids such as lemons or tomatoes.
(The ability of a material to withstand freeze-thaw cycles in exterior applications.)
Not Recommended Due to known material weakness or because this material has not been tested, this material is not approved for use in exterior applications.

Refer to Technical Performance Specs PDF for descriptions of criteria.

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