by Mutina


The abundance of glaze and the irregular edge of Ceramica provide handcrafted appeal for this series of glazed ceramic tile. Ceramica is available in 9 neutral colors that coordinate beautifully with the other materials in the Mutina catalog.

About Mutina

To understand the Mutina collection, we must first understand the company that has had this vision. Mutina is led by renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola, and is a company dedicated to art, design, luxury and quality. These are the fundamental principles of all they do. This is engrained throughout their company, embraced by the people who work there and reflected in the spaces in which they work. Different in culture and background, the designers behind the Mutina collection share a common stylistic attitude based on minimalism and essentiality, expressed with an absolutely personal approach. Each series is exquisite and unique, yet designed to intertwine with one another. Sizes, blends, opacities, and textures, micro-actions, bas-reliefs, engravings and creative techniques applied not only to the face of the material, but to the edges, as well.

Color + Sizes

Ceramica is available in 9 colors Avorio, Beige, Ecru, Marrone, Grigio Chiaro, Grigio Medio, Grigio Scuro, Nera, and Bianca.

Ceramica is available in the following nominal (and actual) size: 2"x8" (2.1"x7.8")

All tiles have a thickness of 11mm.


Ceramica tiles are suitable for interior walls and counters, such as in residential and commercial kitchens and baths.

Installation + Maintenance

The substrate must be flat, stable, solid, free of cracks, smooth, dry and clean. Apply tiles with thinset adhesive, following the recommendations from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, depending on conditions. Recommended grout width is 1/8" or wider. Clean with a neutral detergent when needed.

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Avorio Bianca Beige Ecrù Grigio Chiaro  Grigio Medio
Grigio Scuro Marrone Nera

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