Domestically-Quarried Stone


Domestically-Quarried Stone

The United States is home to hundreds of quarries and stone varieties. As the landscape suggests, each area of the country yields a different type of stone with a unique range of colors, veining and variation. Our domestically-quarried stones come from quarries in Vermont, Colorado, Alabama, Oklahoma, Virginia and Nevada. May contribute to MR Credit 5: Regional Materials.


  • Each item is available in tile, slab and/or cut-to-size.
  • Many of these stones have been quarried, processed and stocked for immediate shipment. Others are available for special order for larger projects and cut-to-size on a project-by-project basis.


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Montclair Danby Vein Cut Honed   Montclair Danby Vein Cut Polished   Montclair Danby Cross Cut Honed   Montclair Danby Cross Cut Polished Olympian Danby Vein Cut Honed
Olympian Danby Vein Cut Polished   Olympian Danby Cross Cut Honed   Olympian Danby Cross Cut Polished   Imperial Danby Honed Imperial Danby Polished
Statuario Lincoln Honed   Statuario Lincoln Polished   Calacatta Lincoln Honed   Calacatta Lincoln Polished Colonial Cream Vein Cut Honed
Colonial Cream Vein Cut Polished   Colonial Cream Cross Cut Honed   Colonial Cream Cross Cut Polished   Colonial Silver Cross Cut Honed Colonial Silver Cross Cut Polished
Statesboro Blue Cross Cut Honed   Statesboro Buff Cross Cut Honed   Statesboro Buff Vein Cut Honed  


Quarry Images
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