La Veneziana


La Veneziana, an engineered stone, is a tribute to the ever-changing, beautiful Venetian Terrazzo. The latest look in terrazzo materials is a substrate that, like all Trend Q, has pigmented polyester resin and granules, or “grit”. For this collection, the “grit” is large, showing off the quartz, porcelain, granite, glass, or mosaic particles that make up the material.

Colors, Finishes & Sizes

La Veneziana is available in 8 colors:
1659 Campo Chiaro, 1656 Campo Scuro, 1654 Rio Alto, 1655 Rio Fondo, 1657 Calle Grigia, 1658 Grigio Doge, 1660 Nero Ducale, 1661 Nero Gondola.

Tiles are1/4” (6.6mm) thick and are available in the following standard nominal (and actual) sizes in a Polished finish:
12"x12" (30cm x 30cm), 12"x24" (30cm x 60cm), 24"x24" (60cm x 60cm), 24"x48" (60cm x 120cm), 24"x118" (60cm x 300cm) 48"x48" (120cm x 120cm), 48"x118" (120cm x 300cm).

Recycled Content
This collection contains measured amounts of either post-consumer or post-industrial recycled materials.


La Veneziana is suitable for high traffic areas and provides a flexible tile with low maintenance, high scratch resistance and high thermal shock resistance. Tiles are suitable for interior walls and floors, including heavy-traffic commercial floors.

Installation & Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using Mapei Granirapid – cement fast – bi-component; Laticrete 4237rapid+211 (latex) – cement fast – bi-component. Clean with a neutral detergent when needed.

Rio Alto Rio Fondo Campo Scuro Calle Grigia


Grigio Doge Campo Chiaro Nero Ducale Nero Gondola

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