Celador 2.0


Celador 2.0 is a quartz-based agglomerate, cast into tiles and slabs. It is highly durable and is suitable for many residential and commercial applications, including kitchen countertops and bar tops as well as heavy-commercial flooring applications such as lobbies, retail spaces and airports.

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Colors + Sizes

The Celador 2.0 Collection is comprised of 11 colors (Acciao, Ash, Base, Basic, Brillante Bianco, Cristal White, Sabbiamarina, Smokey Grey, Superblack, Superwhite and Zinco). The following nominal (and actual) sizes are also available by special order (sq. ft. minimum applies): 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81"), 12"x24" (11.81"x23.62"), 12"x48" (11.81"x47.24"), 16"x16" (15.75"x15.75"), 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62"), 24"x48" (23.62"x47.24") and 48"x48" (47.24"x47.24"). Slabs are available in 2CM and 3CM.

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Celador 2.0 is suitable for interior walls and floors, including heavy-commercial traffic applications, interior walls, kitchen countertops, bar tops, vanities and backsplashes. It is not suitable for exterior applications. Celador 2.0 is extremely hard and dense and is virtually non-porous, so no sealer is required and it is less likely to stain than other materials. Its low porosity limits the growth of bacteria. It will not react to acid, so it will not acid etch or lose its surface sheen when exposed to acidic foods such as lemons or tomatoes. Celador 2.0 has high abrasion resistance, so it is resistant to scratching. It can withstand wear, even on heavy traffic commercial floors, and it requires minimal maintenance.

Celador should NOT be used with radiant heat applications.

Installation + Maintenance

For floor tiles up to 24"x24", the substrate must be flat, stable, solid, free of cracks, smooth, dry and clean. Use Laticrete 333 Super Flexible Additive with Laticrete 317 Floor 'N Wall Thin Set Mortar, or approved equal. Apply adhesive to the full back of each tile. Tap tiles with a rubber mallet to ensure even laying. Recommended grout width is 1/8" or greater, using Laticrete 1600 Series sanded grout. For other applications, contact your Stone Source representative or Laticrete for recommended materials and installation methods.


Remove dirt and liquids as soon as possible. For polished finish, clean and buff regularly with a neutral detergent. Honed finish Celador 2.0 requires more maintenance than the polished finish. For honed finish tiles, or for all finishes of the white, light colored cleaners such as Tri Point Deep Cleaning Concentrate with Tripoint microfiber mops may be more effective, and more frequent cleanings are necessary.

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Superwhite 13 - #100
Cristal White - #2005 Brillante Bianco - #2006
Base - #2007 Sabbia Marina
Basic - #2009
Smokey Grey - #2010 Ash - #2011 Zinco - #2013
Acciao - #2014
Superblack - #2015

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