Immense, by Trend


Immense™ is a series of artistic glass mosaics inspired by architecture and nature. Incorporating a mirrored effect and a subtle iridescence, Immense is an exploration of designs, colors and textures, offering depth, variation and drama.

For more information on Immense, download the Immense brochure.

Colors, Finishes & Sizes

Immense is available in 4 styles (Foliage, Effects, Parallels, Symmetry), each in 3 colors (1, 2, 3), in the following nominal (and actual) sizes:

Foliage (11- 7/8” x 9- 7/8”) - Inspired by a cluster of leaves, which creates an arrangement of irregular lines and patterns.
Effects (7- 3/8” x 12 – 5/8”) – Inspired by architectural elements, where lines and figures are interlaced, creating multiple layers and depth
Parallels (11¼” x 12”) – Inspired by architecture and luxury, where triangular patterns come together to form a structure with variation in color and material.
Symmetry (12 – 5/8” x 9 – ¾”) – Inspired by nature, where pattern and proportions are flawless, as with a honeycomb.

Immense has a thickness of 4mm and a grout joint of 1/24”


Immense™ is suitable for interior and exterior walls, pools and residential floors.

Installation & Maintenance

For product and installation information, download the Immense Technical Details & Installation Instructions.


Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3


Foliage 1 Foliage 2 Foliage 3


Parallels 1 Parallels 2 Parallels 3


Symmetry 1 Symmetry 2 Symmetry 3

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