Karma is a series of hand-cut, transparent glass mosaic, inspired by the stained-glass windows of Gothic cathedrals.  The materials are first formed by hand into large glass sheets, which then undergo an annealing process and are hand-cut into individual tiles. Karma tiles are through-body colored, in which pigments are mixed with molten glass, enabling the color to permeate throughout the body of the tile. A metallic finish is applied to the reverse, resulting in a complex and reflective radiant tile. The Karma collection includes 40 standard colors, offered in various sizes. Material is comprised of up to 75% post-consumer recycled glass.

Colors + Sizes

Sizes: Nominal (and actual):
3/4"x1-1/2" (aligned joint)
3/4"x1-1/2" (staggered joint)

4mm thick, with a 1mm grout joint



Suitable for:

Interior Walls
Interior Floors, including light commercial traffic
Exterior Cladding

Installation + Maintenance

For product and installation information, download the Karma Technical Details & Installation Instructions.


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901n   903n   905n   911n 912n
914n   916n   920n   924n 930n
933n   935n   939n   940n 943n
945n   950n   952n   953n 954n
955n   960n   962n   963n 964n
965n   970n   972n   974n 976n
985n   986n   987n   988n 989n

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