Liberty is a series of transparent, hand cut glass designed by Giulio Candussio. The Liberty series is produced with a metallic, mirrored or textured pattern in a variety of compatible shapes, assembled in a repetitive, irregular module. Liberty is available in 17 different styles, each incorporating different sized tiles of similar or contrasting shades and tones.

Material is comprised of 50-75% post-consumer recycled glass.

"The transparent quality of the glass creates a balance of essential shapes, modular rhythms, and color.  The result is a continuous and changing bright and chromatic vibration that comes from the surface itself." - Giulio Candussio

Colors + Sizes

Liberty is comprised of 17 colors (Amber, Blue, Bronzite, Buxy, Denim, Diamond, Grey, Noir, Ochre, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Purple, Red, Tobacco, Topaz and White), each available in a 11-1/6"x1'-3/16" (nominal) sheet size. Tiles are 4mm thick, with a 1mm grout joint.

Liberty is stocked in select styles and colors. Click on images below to view technical specifications and stocked items.


Liberty is suitable for interior walls.

Installation + Maintenance

For product and installation information, download the Liberty Technical Details & Installation Instructions.


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Liberty - Amber   Liberty - Blue   Liberty - Bronzite   Liberty - Buxy Liberty - Diamond Liberty - Denim
Liberty - Grey   Liberty - Noir   Liberty - Ochre   Liberty - Onyx Liberty - Opal Liberty - Pearl
Liberty - Purple   Liberty - Red   Liberty - Tobacco   Liberty - Topaz Liberty - White

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Photography Courtesy of Trend Group

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