Electra Grande


Electra Grande is a series of glazed porcelain tile with printing applications and a unique geometric appearance. The collection is inspired by encaustic cement tile and has a slightly patinaed look, rather than having consistent, bold coloring throughout each piece. Tiles are oversized hexagons (approximately 13.5” X 15.5") with lines projecting across the surface. Once the material is installed, the lines create a geometric pattern of their own. Tiles can be installed to form various patterns for floor and wall.

Colors, Finishes & Sizes

Electra Grande is available in six colors (Lightning, Neptune, Mercury, Midnight, Cosmos and Galaxy), in a Matte finish in a thickness of 9mm in the following nominal size: 13.5” X 15.5"
*Electra Grande Cosmos stripes are bronze metallic

Lightning Mercury Midnight Neptune Cosmos Galaxy


Tiles are not rectified and not mono-caliber.


Electra Grande is suitable for interior and exterior walls and interior floors, including heavy-traffic commercial flooring applications.

Installation & Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 1/8" or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesive from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, following manufacturers’ recommendations, depending on conditions. Clean with a neutral detergent.

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Installation Patterns


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