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by Emil Ceramica


Blocks is a series of through-body porcelain tiles by Emil Ceramica. Comprised of at least 40% recycled material, Blocks meets the requirements set by the LEED building rating system and may be used to earn LEED MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2. This series is also certified by Bureau Veritas.

Colors + Finishes

The Blocks series includes 5 colors Brooklyn, Broadway, Manhattan, Metropolitan and Queens.  Each color is offered in both a matte and polished finish.


The series is available in the following nominal (and actual) sizes:

12"x24" (11.81"x23.62"), 18"x18" (17.71"x17.71") and 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62") tiles.
Mosaic, decorative tiles, listello patterns, trim pieces and stair treads are also available.

Blocks is a non-stock item.


Tiles are suitable for interior and exterior walls, as well as interior residential and heavy-traffic commercial floors.

Technical Specs

Water Absorption - ASTM C373-88:  .2%
Breaking Strength – ASTM C648-04:  724
Abrasion Resistance – ASTM C1243-93: 144 mm3
Thermal Shock Resistance - ASTM C484-99:  Resistant
Frost Resistance - ASTM C1026-87:  Resistant
Chemical Resistance - ASTM C650-04:  Resistant
Stain Resistance - ASTM C1378-04:  A - No Evident Variation
Coefficient of Friction – ASTM C1028-06:  Wet - .64, Dry - .83

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 1/8" or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesive from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, following manufacturers’ recommendations, depending on conditions. Clean with a neutral detergent.

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Broadway Brooklyn Manhattan Metropolitan Queens


Mosaics + Decorative Tiles
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Broadway Listello
Brooklyn Listello
Manhattan Listello
Metropolitan Listello
Queens Listello
Broadway Mosaic Brooklyn Mosaic
Manhattan Mosaic
Metropolitan Mosaic Queens Mosaic
Cemento Armato
Broadway Decor
Cemento Armato
Brooklyn Decor
Cemento Armato
Manhattan Decor
Cemento Armato
Metropolitan Decor
Cemento Armato
Queens Decor
Crossing Broadway Decor Crossing Brooklyn Decor Crosssing Manhattan Decor
Crossing Metropolitan Decor Crossing Queens Decor


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