Phenomenon  by Tokujin Yoshioka for Mutina


The Phenomenon series consists of through-body porcelain tiles (Hexagon), as well as extruded ceramic mosaics (Air, Rain, Honeycomb, Rock and Wind). Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, the collection is consistent with many of his other works – toeing the line between industrial design and art. In collaboration with Mutina, Yoshioka designed tiles reminiscent of textures derived from nature, with the intention no so much to mimic these inherent patterns, but as to awaken the sensations they stir in us. The series recalls a number of patterns found in nature, such as honeycombs, icicle formations and plant cells, thus bringing to mind our individual experiences of the natural world.

About Tokujin Yoshioka
Tokujin Yoshioka, a native of Japan and a winner of numerous awards. His work can be found in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including those at the MoMA and the Cooper Hewitt in New York, the Victoria & Albert in London and the Vitra Design Museum. Tokujin Yoshioka trained along with Shiro Kuramata and Issey Miyake, and opened his own studio in 2000. He has worked with Japanese and international companies such as Hérmes, Toyota, BMW and Swarovski, designing showrooms and installations. As a result of the success of the Honey-pop paper chair in 2001, he began delving into the world of interior design, developing projects for Driade, Moroso and Kartell, amongst others. The signature feature of his creations is their poetic, light, dreamlike quality; his products, interiors and installations are the result of painstaking, complex research carried out on simple materials, combined with experimental technology. The awards he has received include Design Miami/Designer of the Year 2007, the Wallpaper* Design Award 2008, Elle Decoration International/Designer of the Year 2009, Elle Decoration International/Decoration Design Award 2011, A&W Architektur & Wohnen/Designer of the Year 2011 and Maison & Objet/Creator of the Year 2012.


The series includes floor tiles and mosaic patterns in four colors: Bianco, Fango, Grigio and Nero.

Patterns + Sizes

Phenomenon is offered in the following patterns and nominal (and actual) sizes:
Bianco - Hexagon Tile: (6.5”x5.71”)
Bianco - Air Mosaic: 12”x12” (11.81”x11.81”)
Bianco - Honeycomb A Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Bianco - Honeycomb B Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Bianco - Rain A Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Bianco - Rain B Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Bianco - Rain C Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Bianco - Rock: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Bianco - Wind Mosaic: 10”x10” (9.84”x9.84”)

Fango - Hexagon Tile: (6.5”x5.71”)
Fango - Air Mosaic: 12”x12” (11.81”x11.81”)
Fango - Honeycomb A Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Fango - Honeycomb B Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Fango - Rain A Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Fango - Rain B Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Fango - Rain C Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Fango - Rock: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Fango - Wind Mosaic: 10”x10” (9.84”x9.84”)

Grigio - Hexagon Tile: (6.5”x5.71”)
Grigio - Air Mosaic: 12”x12” (11.81”x11.81”)
Grigio - Honeycomb A Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Grigio - Honeycomb B Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Grigio - Rain A Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Grigio - Rain B Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Grigio - Rain C Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Grigio - Rock: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Grigio - Wind Mosaic: 10”x10” (9.84”x9.84”)

Nero - Hexagon Tile: (6.5”x5.71”)
Nero - Air Mosaic: 12”x12” (11.81”x11.81”)
Nero - Honeycomb A Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Nero - Honeycomb B Mosaic: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Nero - Rain A Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Nero - Rain B Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Nero - Rain C Mosaic: 12"x16" (11.81"x15.55")
Nero - Rock: 12"x12" (11.81"x11.81")
Nero - Wind Mosaic: 10”x10” (9.84”x9.84”)

Please note that the overall nominal (and actual) sheet size for Rain Mosaics is 12" x 16" (11.81"x 15.55"). Coverage of the material on the sheet is 9.84" x 11.81", which is staggered to make the sheet 15.55" long (.80 SF/sheet coverage).


Phenomenon's mosaic patterns are suitable for interior walls. Hexagon is suitable for interior walls and residential-traffic interior floors.

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 1/8" or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesive from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, following manufacturers’ recommendations, depending on conditions. Clean with a neutral detergent.

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Bianco - Air Bianco - Hexagon   Bianco - Honeycomb A   Bianco - Honeycomb B   Bianco - Rain A
Bianco - Rain B
Bianco - Rain C Bianco - Rock Bianco - Wind
Fango - Air Fango - Hexagon Fango - Honeycomb A
Fango - Honeycomb B
Fango - Rain A
Fango - Rain B Fango - Rain C
Fango - Rock Fango - Wind
Grigio - Air Grigio - Hexagon Grigio - Honeycomb A Grigio - Honeycomb B Grigio - Rain A
Grigio - Rain B Grigio - Rain C Grigio - Rock Grigio - Wind
Nero - Air Nero - Hexagon Nero - Honeycomb A Nero - Honeycomb B Nero - Rain A
Nero - Rain B Nero - Rain C Nero - Rock Nero - Wind

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