by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Mutina


Pico is a series of porcelain tiles available in both glazed and unglazed surfaces, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Italian tile manufacturer, Mutina. In the development of Pico, the natural characteristics of the ceramic have been preserved, giving Pico the raw appeal of traditional earthen floors or handmade cement. Textures are created with irregular and regular spots which are either positive or negative, and the matte finish makes the tiles smooth to the touch.

About Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have been working together for over a decade. In 1997, they were recognized by Giulio Cappellini at the Salon du Meuble in Paris for their work “Disintegrated Kitchen”, and their first industrial design projects began shortly thereafter; the Lit Clos (Closed Bed) and the Spring Chair. Since that time, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have partnered with brands such as Vitra, Kuadrat, Magis, Kartell, Established and Sons, Ligne Roset, Axor, Issey Miyake and Cappellini. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have received numerous awards, and their work has been showcased in exhibits around the world.

Colors + Sizes

The Pico series includes three colors (Blanc, Gris and Anthracite) in four different styles: Up Natural, Down Natural, Blue Dots and Red Dots. Sizes are noted as nominal (and actual).

Available colors and sizes include:
Down Natural Blanc - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Red Dots Blanc - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Blue Dots Blanc - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Down Natural Gris - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Red Dots Gris - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Blue Dots Gris - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Down Natural Anthracite- Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Red Dots Anthracite- Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Blue Dots Anthracite- Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Up Red - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Up Blue - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")
Up Beige - Matte: 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62")

The series also includes 24"x48" (23.6"x47.2") and 48"x48" (47.2"x47.2") tiles, trim pieces and stair treads.

Pico is a non-stock item.


Pico is suitable for interior and exterior walls and floors, including heavy-traffic commercial flooring applications.

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 1/8" or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesive from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, following manufacturers’ recommendations, depending on conditions. Clean with a neutral detergent.

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Up Natural Blanc
Down Natural Blanc
Blue Dots Blanc
Red Dots Blanc
Up Natural Gris
Down Natural Gris
Blue Dots Gris
Red Dots Gris
Up Natural Anthracite Down Natural Anthracite Blue Dots Anthracite Red Dots Anthracite
Up Blue Up Red  

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