Designed by Raw Edges Studio for Mutina

Tex by Raw Edges Studio for Mutina. Tex is a rich multi-colored glazed porcelain collection inspired by woven textiles. It features an artisanal, hand-crafted surface texture and a unique rhombus shape.


Designed by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges studio, Tex is a rich multi-colored glazed porcelain collection inspired by woven textiles. It features an artisanal, hand-crafted surface texture and a unique rhombus shape. The shape of the tile is a simplified enlargement of the basic knitted stitch: when looking carefully into a knitted textile, a repetition of stitches can be seen aligned in symmetric rows next to each other. The colorful and natural glaze applied on the extruded clay body creates an irregular effect allowing for variations in color saturation. Manufactured by Mutina, Tex is available in the United States exclusively through Stone Source.

About Raw Edges Studio

Raw Edges is a young London Design Studio comprised of Israeli-born designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. Both studied at the Bezalel Art & Design Academy in Jerusalem before moving to London. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, they founded the Raw Edges Design Studio. Yael likes to fold slim layers of all sorts of material as if they were paper, creating curved volumes and functional forms, while Shay has a passionate interest in a world where things move, function and interact. These two different approaches come together to create a series of original projects, characterized by a keen sensitivity toward the environment. 2009 was an important year for the firm: in addition to the Elle Decoration International Design Award for Stack by Established & Sons, in the Furniture section, at Design Miami/Basel, the duo received the Designers of the Future Award 2009. They work with a number of international brands and producers, such as Arco, Cappellini, Bauhaus Ceramic Japan, Established & Sons and Stella McCartney.

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Colors + Sizes

The Tex series includes eight color groups (Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Gray, Olive, White and Yellow), each of which contains three shades. This triple shade mixture was inspired as well by textile design, re-creating the feel of the different tones of the yarn. It is offered with a matte surface. Each rhombus is 4"x8" (4.53"x7.87") with a thickness of 10mm. Tiles are rectified and mono-caliber. It can be arranged in three ways, which results in a different visual impact. The 5 surface textures included in the series, as well as the shade variations within each color group, are boxed and sold together to create a more random effect. A visual rendering of the surface textures is available for download.

The series also includes mesh-mounted Runner mosaics in 10 color blends. Each of the Runner sheets measure approximately 14” x 16” (13.78"x 15.9") and are packaged together in a set of 8. The color blends create a graphic element, allowing designers to draw attention to a specific architectural feature or to delineate a space.

All tile dimensions listed above are noted in nominal and actual sizes.


Tex is suitable for interior walls and floors including low-traffic commercial flooring applications.

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 1/8" or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesive from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, following manufacturers’ recommendations, depending on conditions. Clean with a neutral detergent.

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Black Blue Brown Cream
Gray Olive White Yellow

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