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Cromie is a series of through-body porcelain tiles. With a carefully conceived color palette that ranges from warm to cool, Cromie is designed around the Natural Color System (NCS), a color notation system that classifies color according to the way the human eye perceives it. Unlike arbitrary numeric

systems, NCS is capable of identifying and accurately notating any of the 10 million colors the eye can perceive. Relying on the six elementary colors (White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green), the NCS notation classifies a color in relation to each of the six elementary colors.

As an example, the NCS notation S 1050-Y90R would translate as follows: the letter S before the complete notation indicates that the color is part of the NCS Second Edition. The number 1050 indicates the shade (i.e. the amount of blackness (S) and the chromaticity (C)). In this case, the blackness, or darkness (S), is 10% and the chromaticity (C) is 50%. Y90R indicates the similarity to the other two elementary colors, Y (yellow) and R (red). Y90R indicates yellow with 90% of red.

Neutral gray tints have no shade (chromaticity equals 0) and are notated by the nuance followed by -N, as it is neutral color. 0300-N is white, followed by 0500-N, 1000-N, 1500 N, etc. up to 9000-N, which is black.

For further detail, reference the Cromie - Color Explanation PDF.

Colors + Finishes

The Cromie series includes 33 colors, with a range of warm, cool and neutral shades. Fango, Terra, Polvere and Tendenze colors are offered in a Matte finish.


Standard nominal (and actual) tile sizes are 12"x24" (11.81"x23.62") and 24"x24" (23.62"x23.62") tiles. The series also includes trim pieces.


Tiles are suitable for interior and exterior walls, as well as interior residential and heavy-traffic commercial floors.

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 1/8" or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesive from manufacturers such as Laticrete and Mapei, following manufacturers’ recommendations, depending on conditions. Clean with a neutral detergent.

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Fango Polvere
Fango 01 (Cool) Fango 02 (Cool) Fango 03 (Cool) Polvere 01 (Cool) Polvere 02 (Cool) Polvere 03 (Cool)
Fango 04 (Neutral) Fango 05 (Neutral) Fango 06 (Neutral) Polvere 04 (Neutral) Polvere 05 (Neutral) Polvere 06 (Neutral)
Fango 07 (Warm) Fango 08 (Warm) Fango 09 (Warm) Polvere 07 (Warm) Polvere 08 (Warm) Polvere 09 (Warm)
Terra  Tendenze
Terra 11 (Cool) Terra 12 (Cool) Terra 13 (Cool)  Tendenze 11   Tendenze 12   Tendenze 13 
Terra 14 (Neutral) Terra 15 (Neutral) Terra 16 (Neutral) Tendenze 14 Tendenze 15  Tendenze 16 
Terra 17 (Warm) Terra 18 (Warm) Terra 19 (Warm)

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