Old Cotto


Old Cotto is a series of decorative glazed tiles that takes its inspiration from a mix of the worn-out look of concrete and real Italian cotto,  revealing substrates underneath. The collection is met with neutral and punchy colors, giving it a modern, clean appearance.

Colors + Sizes

The Old Cotto series is comprised of 5 colors (Aquamarine, Cotto, Black & White, Purple and Taupe), each with a natural finish. The 8"x 8" (nominal) tiles are packaged as a random mix of 9 different patterns. 24"x 24" (nominal) tiles are packaged as random mix of 4 different patterns. Tiles are rectified and mono-caliber.


Old Cotto is suitable for interior walls and floors, including heavy commercial traffic flooring applications, and provides DCOF compliance.

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 2mm or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesives for porcelain tiles. The series in 8x8 is supplied in a 9 random mix pattern. The series in 24x24 is supplied in a 4 random mix pattern. The installation should be done randomly.

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Old Cotto - Cotto - Porcelain Tile Old Cotto - Taupe - Porcelain Tile
  Black & White

Combination Set
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Aquamarine 8x8
Mix of 9 Patterns
  Black & White 8x8
Mix of 9 Patterns
  Cotto 8x8
Mix of 9 Patterns
  Purple 8x8
Mix of 9 Patterns
  Taupe 8x8
Mix of 9 Patterns
Aquamarine 24x24
Mix of 4 Patterns
  Black & White 24x24
Mix of 4 Patterns
  Cotto 24x24
Mix of 4 Patterns
  Purple 24x24
Mix of 4 Patterns
  Taupe 24x24
Mix of 4 Patterns


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