Selection is a series of decorative glazed tiles defined by geometric patterns that create remarkable visual effects. It is available in 10 colors on a white or black base, which multiplies its application possibilities. The glaze is made of full-body colored glass, and is fused at very high temperatures onto the porcelain tile. This process yields brilliant colors and high technical performance.

Colors + Sizes

The Selection series is comprised of 10 colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, White) offered on a white or black porcelain-body tile. The 8"x 8" (nominal) tiles are packaged as a random mix of 9 different patterns. 24"x 24" (nominal) tiles are packaged as random mix of 4 different patterns. Each pattern is raised off of the surface of the tile.  The series is offered in a natural finish.  A grip finish is available upon request. Tiles are rectified and mono-caliber.


Selection is suitable for interior walls and floors, including light commercial traffic flooring applications. Additionally, a grip finish is available for heavy commercial traffic applications, providing DCOF compliance.

Installation + Maintenance

Tiles can be installed using standard installation methods for thinset adhesives. A grout joint of 2mm or greater is recommended. Use high quality adhesives for porcelain tiles . The series in 8x8 is supplied in a 9 random mix pattern. The series in 24x24 is supplied in a 4 random mix pattern. The installation should be done randomly.

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Black on Black
  Black on White
  Blue on Black
  Blue on White
  Brown on Black
  Brown on White
Green on Black
  Green on White
  Light Blue on Black
  Light Blue on White
  Orange on Black
  Orange on White
Pink on Black
  Pink on White
  Red on Black
  Red on White
  Yellow on Black
  Yellow on White
White on Black
  White on White


Black on White Pattern 8x8
Mix of 9 Patterns
Black on White Pattern 24x24
Mix of 4 Patterns

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