Raw is a collection of natural stones given a raw, primitive texture which is dramatically emphasized when proper lighting is cast upon it. The collection was designed by Piero Lissoni.

With an extraordinary attention to detail and a playful approach to life and design, Lissoni is able to transform natural stone, a material that has been used in architecture and design for centuries, into an extraordinary canvas for texture and shadow.  By examining the detail and experimenting with its surface and the treatments applied to it, Lissoni creates nuances which are at first glance small, then upon further interaction become grand in scale.  In the case of Raw, Lissoni evolved the traditional appeal of the world’s most popular marble and limestone, then provided a rough cut, engraved effect on the surface.  This evolution of nature is taken a step further as materials are cut into modern planks as typically seen in wood. The result is a handcrafted, yet raw, appearance that can be best summed up by the description “precisely rugged”.

Raw was selected as a finalist in the Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Awards 2014.

About Piero Lissoni
Piero Lissoni is an Italian-born designer whose focus is upon minimalist design. Lissoni, who has a passion for architecture and design, received his architecture degree from Milan Polytechnic. Now a renowned designer, Lissoni tends to express his inner child more boldly than most, yet shows restraint in his designs.   Today, his signature attention to detail can be seen in a spectrum of his creations, which range from furniture, plumbing fixtures, and woodwork to building materials and more. Piero Lissoni has collaborated with numerous companies such as: Boffi, Cassina, Matteograssi, Flos, Porro and Kartel to name a few.

Colors + Sizes

Raw is available in four materials: Bianco Carrara (marble), Creme d’Orcia (limestone), Pietra d’Avola (limestone) and Nublado (marble) and is available in strips in the following nominal size: 8”x 24". (7.87” actual).

Please note Pietra d'Avola will be sold unsealed and will arrive light gray in color. This material must be sealed with a color enhancing sealer if the darker color is desired.


Raw is suitable for interior walls.

Installation + Maintenance

For installation guidelines, please refer to the Raw by Salvatori Installation Guide.

For maintenance and cleaning recommendations, please refer to our Care & Maintenance Guidelines and Maintenance Products & Recommendations under Technical Resources.


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Bianco Carrara Nublado Creme D'Orcia Pietra D'Avola

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