The bedrock of Manhattan is primarily comprised of schist and has helped dictate the shape of the city's famous skyline. The bedrock sits close to the surface near midtown (about 18 feet below the surface) and the Financial district. This feature is the underlying reason for skyscrapers in the Midtown and Financial district areas.

Geology of Schist

A foliated metamorphic (recrystallized) rock.

General Information

All schists have a moderate absorption rating and will stain when exposed to oil and highly-pigmented liquids. Most schists have a low abrasion resistance rating and are likely to scratch.

Care + Maintenance Tips

  • Always seal schist prior to grouting or use.
  • Always use a grout that is similar in color to the stone to avoid a picture-frame effect.
  • To reduce the appearance of staining, always wipe up spills immediately. Oil and highly-pigmented liquids can penetrate and stain the stone and may need poultice to remove the stain.
  • Use walk-off mats at entrances and expect the material to patina rapidly.

Completed Projects

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