Stone Source Spring / Summer 2015 Collections

The Stone Source Spring / Summer 2015 Collection consists of over 10 series of textured natural stones, stone mosaics and porcelain tile designed and manufactured in Italy. The collection also includes new natural stone slabs and popular classics. Several items are part of the Stone Source 150, which represents popular materials that are generally in stock. Other items are available in limited stock or for a limited time only; these boutique items are available in smaller quantities due to material demand and availability.

Explore the new materials below.

View the Stone Source Spring/Summer 2015 Collections Video; get inspiration from the photography and see the texture in our video close-ups.

To see the materials and obtain samples, contact your Stone Source Sales Consultant or visit a showroom near you: CONTACT US / LOCATE A SHOWROOM

Spring / Summer 2015 Collections

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Artesia - Natural Stone ARTWORK_brick - Porcelain Tile
ARTWORK_marble - Porcelain Tile
Fossil - Porcelain Tile
Marmi Classico - Porcelain Tile Metal Cotto - Porcelain Tile
Metropolis - Porcelain Tile
Type 32 - Porcelain Tile Wood-Stock - Porcelain Tile
Stone Mosaics - Pelle Grigio Stone Mosaics - Pelle Grigio, Inca Dark Gray Stone Mosaics - Inca Dark Gray

Natural Stone Slabs & Tile

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Absolute Black - Graffiti
Granite - Slab
Avorio - Honed
Limestone - Tile
Bianco Carrara - Moonface
Marble - Slab
Blue de Savoie - Polished
Marble - Slab & Tile
Calacatta Calvani - Polished
Marble - Slab & Tile
Calacatta Tucci - Honed
Marble - Tile
Corbata Nero - Polished
Marble - Slab & Tile
Corinthian Beige - Polished
Marble - Slab
Crystal Quartz - Polished
Quartzite - Slab
Danube - Honed
Marble - Slab & Tile
Madreperola - Honed
Quartzite - Slab
Pelle Grigio Vein Cut - Honed
Marble - Slab & Tile
Quartzo Bianco - Polished
Quartzite - Slab
Superlight - Honed
Marble - Slab & Tile
Superlight - Polished
Marble - Slab & Tile
Superlight - Rolled Hard
Marble - Tile
Superlight - Rolled Light
Marble - Tile
Zebra Gray - Honed
Limestone - Slab & Tile

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