We asked architects, designers, contractors and subcontractors what we could do to help them specify and install with confidence. They said, "Tell me what I need to know, before I specify or install." In response we developed the Stone Source Usage Guide which gives you the info you need to know prior to making a selection.

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Material Considerations
Explains what to expect with materials. Go to Material Considerations Overview or browse by topic as noted below:

Acid Etching
Factory-filled Holes
Factory-repaired Cracks + Fissures
Picture Framing

Setting Expectations for Natural Stone
Below are some general guidelines based on the types of stone we carry:

What to Expect with Basalt
What to Expect with Granite
What to Expect with Limestone
What to Expect with Marble
What to Expect with Onyx
What to Expect with Quartzite
What to Expect with Schist
What to Expect with Slate
What to Expect with Travertine

Setting Expectations for Glass Tile
All glass tiles will crack if not properly installed. This gives all the information you should know prior to specifying or installing.

What to Expect with Glass Tile

Care + Maintenance
Gives guidelines for ensuring that materials last over time.

General Guidelines
Care + Maintenance Products

Applications Guide
Lists the materials most commonly used in each application. Go to Applications Guide Overview or browse by topic as noted below:

Commercial Flooring Applications
Exterior Applications
Kitchen Countertops
Wet Areas

Glossary of Terms
Defines the most commonly used terms in the industry.

Natural Stone
Porcelain Tile + Ceramic Tile
Glass Tile
Engineered Stone


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