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2019 Spring Collections

Introducing our latest collections of natural stone and porcelain tile


A series of white bodied wall tile comprised of opaque, geometric and three-dimensional surfaces.

Lago di Vitto

A collection of porcelain tile designed to mimic a pool of water, or Lago, as it's known in Italian.


A full-bodied, glazed porcelain tile designed by Barber & Osgerby for Mutina. Lane is the result of a conceptual analysis of color, interpreted through a detailed study of the neighborhoods and architecture of London.


A series of unglazed porcelain tile designed by Barber & Osgerby for Mutina. Primavera is the contrast between the natural element and the artificial world, translated into porcelain.


A series of digital technology porcelain tile designed by Gordon Guillaumier. The collection represents the accuracy of technology balanced by the spontaneous imperfections of handmade art.


A collection of porcelain tile inspired by the contrast and brightness of a starlit sky.

Textured Limestone

With our latest collection of textured limestones, advanced techniques are used to transform classic materials.


A collection of porcelain tile designed to evoke the look of natural volcanic stone contrasting with glazed porcelain tile.

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