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Spring 2019 Preview

This Spring, we’ll unveil a variety of new collections, including exotic slabs, textured limestones and porcelain tile designs by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Patricia Urquiola & Gordon Guillaumier.

See Our Newest Collections:

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    Stop by our booth at HD Expo in Las Vegas, NV - Booth 3359 - May 15-17
    Check out the displays at a Stone Source showroom beginning May 21. (appointments not required but are recommended)

Collections Preview

Porcelain Tile


A series of digital technology porcelain tile designed by Gordon Guillaumier. The collection represents the accuracy of technology balanced by the spontaneous imperfections of handmade art. Innovation that originated by tapping into the past - by exploring art, culture and traditional majolica. With Shades, each brushstroke captures a delicate, almost trembling and childlike work of art.

Ceramic Tile


A series of white bodied wall tile comprised of opaque, geometric and three-dimensional surfaces. Biscuit allows walls to be brought to life by light and shadow. Materials can be stacked or staggered, used on their own or in combination with other styles in the collection.

Porcelain Tile


A collection of porcelain tile designed to evoke the look of natural volcanic stone contrasting with glazed porcelain tile. In this collection, earth-toned matte natural basalt is designed to be juxtaposed with Raku, a glossy, colorful porcelain tile. A slight iridescence on the Raku tiles provides an additional layer of refinement and intrigue. The effect is an atmosphere of contrasting elements that, when combined, equals harmony. This collection also has 3-dimensional tiles that can be used on their own or paired with other materials from the collection.

Raku Nero 30x60 Kapture Part. Parete_hero
Porcelain Tile


A collection of porcelain tile inspired by the contrast and brightness of a starlit sky. The tone on tone vein patterns, iridescent shades and metal-flake reflections create depth and elegance.

Porcelain Tile

Lago di Vitto

A collection of porcelain tile designed to mimic a pool of water, or Lago, as it's known in Italian. The soft color palette reflects elements of nature - billowing clouds (Bianco), a pond's glassy surface (Naturale), a refreshing pool (Acqua), a shore (Bronzo) and mist upon the water (Fume').

Porcelain Tile


A full-bodied, glazed porcelain tile designed by Barber & Osgerby for Mutina. Lane is the result of a conceptual analysis of color, interpreted through a detailed study of the neighborhoods and architecture of London. There are 3 styles (Base, Poly, Mono). Base is formed by a mix of different tones. Poly, like facades in London, consists of a number of strong colors that stand out against the background shade. Mono is the optical, black and white version. Tiles are consistent and opaque with slightly irregular edges and a soft base structure, which gives the piece an almost hand-crafted appearance. Install tiles horizontally, vertically or in a criss-cross pattern.

Porcelain Tile


A series of unglazed porcelain tile designed by Barber & Osgerby for Mutina. Primavera is the contrast between the natural element and the artificial world, translated into porcelain. The designers have reproduced a slab that resembles a natural element with all its irregularities, perceptible to sight and touch, by throwing small colored ceramic inserts in a completely random way. This allows beautiful imperfections on the surface of the tiles for a unique and interesting texture.


Textured Limestones

With our latest collection of textured limestones, advanced techniques are used to transform classic materials. Micro-engraved surfaces are given a tone on tone effect where light and shade come into play. Suitable for walls and floors. Available in various styles and colors, each in a 12” x 24” tile with a thickness of 3/8”.


Natural Stones

Stone Source offers a carefully-curated selection of natural stone. Our most popular stones are stocked for immediate availability and we have hundreds of others available via special order. 


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