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2020 New Collections

Unleash your creative spirit with our new distinct tile collections. 


Inspired by the austere the grandeur of the Alps, this series of white-body, glazed ceramic wall tile conveys a modern simplicity.


Bask in the dazzling light of Stone Source’s contemporary, yet timeless collection, Balance. Each unique tile’s texture contributes to a luminescent collage of light and shadow.

Black & White

Enliven your space with a powerful collection inspired by the quintessential veining found in classic marble. An array of artful patterns amplify the distinctive characteristics of organic marble in contrasting shades of dazzling whites and richest blacks.


Brac reinterprets the building brick by incorporating negative space, and adding emotional unpredictability by playing with light, color and sound. 


Stone Source Original, Equus, captures the powerful elegance and kinetic energy of Nature’s most noble beast, the horse. Montreal based designer Cat Braconnier merges singular design with the craftsmanship of Italy’s finest artisans and immortalizes this dignified creature in three matte and glazed tile designs.


The Intera collection explores the world of resins with a new project: a complete abacus of matching ceramic materials, intended to satisfy the most widely varying interior design needs.

Mattonelle Margherita

Mutina’s newest collection features a collaboration with the French artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier, an original founding member of the Memphis design group.  This one of a kind collection centers around a dual concept: simple minimalist style and the courageous creativity of color.


Pack is characterized by solid, full colors on which irregular decorations emerge, inspired by the fragmentation of the polar ice floes. Made in 6" x 6" size, it is available in 5 color combinations: White-Cream, White-Black, Ice-Green, Grey-Rust, and Graphite-Black.


The name Porphyry comes from the ancient Greek meaning purple, a color frequently found in this type of rock, along with red, brown and grey. It is this rock that has inspired the Porfirica collection.

Unique Bleu

Belgian Pierre Bleue stone, created more than 300 million years ago when the country was covered by a tropical sea, inspires Unique Bleu.

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