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2021 New Collections

Connect to nature with textures and colors inspired by the earth:  five new surfacing options, each with its own unique story of authentic beauty and unparalleled quality.


The Eme Collection of porcelain tile collection mimics the look of sedimentary rock fragments broken down into angular shapes. The surfacing comes in three muted shades — Eme Grey, Eme Light Grey, and Eme Anthracite.


The Grained Collection takes a modern approach to technical porcelain stoneware. This cement-look, through-body porcelain is mixed with fine particles in four natural hues with a delicate, terrazzo-style effect: Zinc, Plate, Rust, and Green Copper. Tangram tiles combine Grained surfacing with a wood-look porcelain in a striking geometric design.

La Pietra Compattata

La Pietra Compattata is a one-of-a-kind, stone-look surfacing that represents the new frontier of sustainable tile. Made of a selection of natural raw materials recovered from the stone cutting process, the tiles meet strict criteria for green building including heat island reduction, recycled materials and packaging, and low-emitting materials. The collection comes in tumbled and matte finishes and an incredible range of sizes and shapes with color options ranging from neutral to vividly bright hues.

Marmi Classico 2.0

Marmi Classico 2.0 uses digital printing technology to faithfully recreate the look of the natural veining and soft variations found in Italian marble — with a modern touch. This collection of colored-body, fine porcelain tile comes in five rich colors — Queen’s Tiara, Apuanian White, Supreme Grey, Royal Nero, and Glam Black — in a wide array of patterns, shapes, and sizes including Mix Art, a faux multi-color mosaic with alabaster veining.

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