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June 24, 2022

Color Drives Design with the Tile Collection: Pixel41

About the Pixel41 Collection

Determining the color scheme for your space is a crucial step in designing a space. Everything from materials, patterns, shapes, and sizes come into play. That was until the launch of Pixel41, a new tile collection from Italy. Aptly named, each 5”x5” square tile comes in a wide range of striking hues on a natural, handcrafted surface. What makes this collection so unique? It’s a modern square tile that can be used for both walls and floors, that comes in an incredible palette that is open to endless color combinations for outdoor and indoor spaces. Pixel41 allows you to create a dynamic space from floor to ceiling in a seamless way.

Geometric Shapes & Patterns

The artisanal look of Pixel41 is given by its basic characteristics, such as its variable flatness, rounded corners, and textured surface in 10mm thickness. A visually charming collection, Pixel allows you to appreciate design in a single format. With its endless design combinations that can function as a basic need or make way for playfulness and imagination.

Bold Patterns to Create Playful Looks

Incorporate playful patterns and striking colors to design a room that makes a statement. When it comes to adding character and personality, there are no limits to space and dimension with the collections bold hues or subtle shades.

These eye-catching tiles combine geometric elements of the classic square tile with a modern pixelated digital twist. The colors used in this tile design are not subtle, but still sophisticated and in themselves harmoniously designed.

There are no boundaries when it comes to the Pixel41 collection. Add a pop of color to your space with a depth of lively colors and richness that can be used as wall decoration, floor pavers for both indoors and out.

Unconventional Environments

Each matte porcelain tile adds a vibrancy to any surface creating the perfect mosaic. The collection’s modern aesthetic and performance attributes make Pixel ideal for a variety of settings, including the workplace, hotel lobbies, retail spaces, and even basketball courts. Pixel explores the possibility to personalize your space and be as vibrant or minimal as you envision.

Don’t Forget to Play

Stone Source celebrated Pixel41 by hosting a themed-collection party, featuring retro arcade games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong at our New York showroom. Wearing customized Stone Source bucket hats in vibrant colors and sipping cocktails, guests mingled at our New York showroom while indulging in  authentic Italian cuisine and enjoying a live DJ —all linked by a shared passion for the collection’s various colorways. 

Every Idea Begins with One Piece of Inspiration

Each simple square leaves room for endless creative mileage. Play with scale using graphic arrangements with each colored tile or immerse the space in a single color. The Pixel41 collection offers you the opportunity to look at the larger picture from a single unit.


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