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November 14, 2018

How to Reduce the Appearance of Acid Etching in Honed Marble

Here’s how you can reduce the appearance of acid etching in honed, white marble.

As we demonstrated in our earlier segment on acid etching, if you’re choosing a bar or countertop material, you should keep in mind that some materials will react to acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemons. When this happens, the surface of the material can be worn away, causing a dulling in the surface sheen and a change in the texture. This is more noticeable on polished surfaces, as well as darker surfaces. If you’re concerned about this, you may want to choose a material that doesn’t react to acid, such as a quartzite or an engineered stone.

However, if you do choose marble for a bar or countertop application, a honed, white marble would be the most suitable.

If you have a honed, white marble surface that shows acid etching, you can either call in a stone professional to treat the surface, or you can try the following technique on your own:

Sprinkle a scrubbing cleanser onto the surface with a few drops of water. Take a scouring pad, and move in a circular motion to hone the material.

After just a few minutes, the surface will dry and you will see a restored material.

One more tip to keep your stone looking like new: always be sure to wipe up spills as soon as they occur.


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