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May 12, 2021

La Pietra Compattata: The New Frontier of Sustainable Tile

A true focus on sustainability is integral to the best design practices and a focus on health and wellness in building design is more important than ever. In response to the growing demand in the design community for new tile innovations, we present La Pietra Compattata, a one-of-a-kind, recycled stone tile sustainable, stone-look tile for architects and designers searching for green building products that will not compromise their design vision.   


La Pietra Compattata is made of a selection of more than 60% reclaimed powders of natural raw materials, including quartz, granite, and porphyry (a hard igneous rock containing crystals), that have been recovered from the stone cutting process. After the raw materials are crushed into a stone powder mixture, they are cold-pressed with cement binding into a uniquely textured, compact surfacing for interior and exterior walls and floors.

Low Embodied Energy

La Pietra Compattata is formed, not fired, through an innovative, environmentally friendly process that uses recycled water, waste products from the manufacturing process, and a simple, sustainable drying process that eliminates CO2 emissions and pollutants for cleaner air and a healthier environment. It meets strict criteria for green buildings and contributes to LEED points in categories such as the sourcing of raw material, indoor environmental air quality.

Textured & Tumbled

La Pietra Compattata looks like natural stone because it is natural stone — but even better. Through the use of recycled raw material, the tile creates a calming, grounded effect that helps connect the natural world to the built environment, a key component of biophilic design. The matte textures of La Pietra Compattata are thoughtfully produced by expert craftspeople through tumbling, cutting, and other handmade, artisanal processes. The sustainable tile surpasses the competition due to its unique material composition and range of sizes, shapes, and rich color options.  


Twenty-four beautiful colors are available in an organically inspired, rich deep palette ranging from neutral options such as white, gray, brown, and tan to incredibly bright blues, greens, oranges, and reds. Combining all of the different colors and finishes available allows you unlimited design creativity. 


As it can be used both indoors at 15 millimeters thick and outdoors at 22 millimeters thick, the tile enables you to execute seamless integrated design concepts for healthy living and working environments.


La Pietra Outdoor can be used for pool surrounds, outdoor patios, porches, outdoor showers, outdoor pavers, and exterior cladding. It offers high technical performance and is breathable, anti-freeze, anti-slip, salt-resistant, high-compression resistant, and easy-to-clean. La Pietra Indoor can be used from the living room to the bathroom for walls, floors, and wet areas such as showers, backsplashes, and tub surrounds. Its treated surface has anti-slip, water-oil repellant, and stain-resistant characteristics that guarantee protection, waterproofness, and easy cleaning.

Styles Offered 

We present two styles in the collection — Cromie and Pietre — both of which are composed of natural raw materials that give the product the appearance and features of authentic stone. Cromie offers a large selection of three surfaces, 20 colors, and 10 sizes. Cromie Compact has a smooth surface with perfectly even edges. Cromie Consolare has an aged surface achieved using a manual tumbling process and comes in a range of shapes including an unusual “peacock tail” pattern, mosaics on nets, and “loose pebbles” in bags.   

Pietre includes three surfaces composed of fine materials to give to the product a uniform appearance in six neutral colors and six sizes. Pietre Naturale offers natural tones and shades that are uniform to the touch. Pietre Fiammata has thin grooves that play with light. Accessories are available for stairs and pools, including rounded edge steps, bullnose steps, and grating. 

One Compact Package As designers, architects, and consumers learn valuable lessons during the pandemic about the limitations and opportunities of creating more healthy living environments for our indoor and outdoor spaces, a focus on health and wellness in building design is more important than ever. With La Pietra Compattata, you never have to compromise your design vision in order to meet your high performance or sustainability goals. It is the new frontier of sustainable tile, in one compact package. 


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