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January 24, 2022

Meet the Designer: Konstantin Grcic

About Konstantin Grcic

When creating a product, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic always thinks of the result as not just a one-off but as a series or multiplication.

Dark Blue Matte 3” x 6”– 3”x 3” + Glossy 1.5” x 3.”

His two-year apprenticeship as a cabinet maker in John Makepeace School for Craftsmen found his love for giving form to something and the creative process. He was drawn to the repetition of making a product serially. His passion for product development inspired him to study Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London. 

Grcic founded his studio Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design (KGID), in the early 1990s. Known for his logical thought process and minimalistic designs, the office is active in industrial design projects, exhibition design, and architectural collaborations.

Grcic is the recipient of numerous awards and iconic designs like this chair from Vitra. In addition, his work forms part of the world´s most influential design museums (a.o. MoMA/New York, Centre Georges Pompidou/Paris).

Citizen by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra, ©Vitra


The concept behind Konstantin Grcic’s latest collection, DIN, is modularity. The collection consists of four different tile sizes following a mathematical approach in its design. The largest tile can be cut in half to the next size and so on. The various tile sizes all fit in the same grid, which can combine to create a variety of geometries, patterns, and surfaces.

Dark Blue Matte 3” x 6”– 3” x 3” + Glossy 1.5” x 3.”

Freedom in Flexibility

Grcic wanted to create a strict structure that allowed freedom in its function. You can pick one color in one finish or combine different sizes in various colors between matte and glossy finishes. Each tile has a great depth and warmth, which contrasts with the complex, rational logic behind the collection. 

The range of special pieces allows innovative architectural solutions and furnishings.

Units and Pieces

Every element in DIN can be combined freely or in conjunction with each other. To ensure the flow of the space from the wall to floors are seamless, the collection includes six unique joint pieces that cover every edge and corner to create a 3-dimensional look. 

Dark Green Glossy, Light Green Glossy, Dark Green Matte – in different sizes, including unique pieces.

The DIN collection balances elaborate and straightforward design with vivid colors and endless layout combinations. Bold and precise, these ceramic tiles feature sleek lines and rich hues that range from vibrant reds to deep blues. 

Rose Matte, Red Glossy, Red Matte – in different sizes, including unique pieces.


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