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Stone Source's Residential Program includes a carefully-curated selection of materials that are suitable for residential spaces, as well as corporate and hospitality spaces wherein a residential feel is desired:

  • The Recommended Products shown here are generally stocked in the U.S. with lead times of four weeks or less.

Inventory levels vary by item and fluctuate daily, so please check with your Stone Source Sales Representative regarding current inventory levels.


Porcelain Tile Collections

Porcelain Tile


Calacatta is a series of porcelain tile designed by renowned Italian artisan and designer Giovanni Barbieri. The Calacatta collection mimics the look of white Italian marble, featuring delicate veining and subtle variation. The collection is offered in various sizes and styles, adaptable to different design projects. The textured pattern, Ambra, evokes nature with the appearance of rippled water, adding a sense of movement to a space, while still maintaining a minimalist sophistication.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Calacatta - 12"x24" Tile</right></i></span>
Material shown: Calacatta - 12"x24" Tile
Domestically Available Products
Porcelain Tile


Cromie is a series of through-body porcelain tiles. With a carefully conceived color palette, Cromie is designed around the Natural Color System (NCS), a color notation system that classifies color according to the way the human eye perceives it. The Cromie series includes 30 colors, with a range of warm, cool and neutral shades.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Polvere</right></i></span>
Material shown: Polvere
Domestically Available Products
Porcelain Tile


Flow is a collection of through-body porcelain tiles designed for floors and walls. The idea behind this design is to preserve traces of the creation process within the surface of the material. The material is poured into moulds, creating a texture with an irregular pattern. The Flow collection consists of a neutral color palette, ranging from white to dark gray.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Dark Gray</right></i></span>
Material shown: Dark Gray
Domestically Available Products
Porcelain Tile


Foussana is a series of porcelain tile designed by renowned Italian artisan and designer Giovanni Barbieri. The Foussana collection provides an undulating natural stone effect and subtle color variations, offering a dynamic and avant-garde style. The collection is offered in three neutral colors, available in various sizes and patterns. The two textured patterns, River and Ambra, evoke nature with the appearance of rippled water, adding a sense of movement to a space.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Gray - 12"x24" Tile</right></i></span>
Material shown: Gray - 12"x24" Tile
Porcelain Tile


In-Essence is a series of ink-jet porcelain tile that references the past while offering a modern product. Inspired by the layered, worn look of salvaged materials, the series takes its aesthetic cues from natural stone, industrial cement found on factory floors and the turn-of-the-century advertisements that were once painted on buildings. Its rectified edges give it a modern appearance.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Miscela Sabbia</right></i></span>
Material shown: Miscela Sabbia
Porcelain Tile

Marmi Classico

Marmi Classico is a series of ink-jet porcelain tile with the look of Italian marble, featuring natural veining and soft variations. The collection undergoes a special polishing process, resulting in an authentic representation of a natural material without the maintenance requirements of natural stone. The Marmi Classico series is comprised of 4 styles, each representing a different Italian marble (Bardiglio, Carrara, Nero, Statuario Gold), offered in matte, polished, or textured finish.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Carrara - Polished - 12”x24” Tile</right></i></span>
Material shown: Carrara - Polished - 12”x24” Tile
Porcelain Tile


Mate is a series of glazed porcelain tile based on a theme of opposites. Inspired by contrasts and contradictions, the series juxtaposes Earth, a style with coarse and irregular characteristics, alongside Marble, a style with timeless elegance. Earth and Marble, with their various shapes, colors and sizes, are designed to live singularly or together, telling a story of two separate and opposing entities coming together as one.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Fumo - Chevron</right></i></span>
Material shown: Fumo - Chevron
Porcelain Tile


Meridia is a series of through-body porcelain tile with the look and simple elegance of natural stone. The collection is offered in a range of eight neutral colors with subtle nuances in tonality, resulting in a classic style. Each of the colors are offered in a Natural finish.

<span style="font-size:12px"><i><right>Material shown: Fog</right></i></span>
Material shown: Fog
Domestically Available Products