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Stone Source Originals

Stones Source’s reputation is built upon a deep dedication to providing best in class products. Now we continue that tradition with our exclusive Stone Source Originals. These collections are marked by flawless craftsmanship, innovative designs, and intimate collaborations with today’s most renowned artists. While each line is distinct, all Stone Source Originals maintain the quality and attention to detail that our clients expect and deserve.


Porcelain Tile Collections

Porcelain Tile

Introducing EQUUS, an exciting new project from Montreal-based tile designer and Art Director Catherine Braconnier. Inspired by her deeply rooted passion for horses, this exclusive collection was conceived around an equestrian theme explored for the first time. A combination of sophisticated geometry and timeless architectural shapes, EQUUS brings to life a collection of ceramic surfaces that is the perfect mix of urban edginess and countryside warmth.

Ceramic Tile

Embrace the geometric grandeur of the Italian Alps with the Stone Source Original Alpino Collection. The white body, glazed ceramic wall tile conveys a thoroughly modern simplicity, while its varied color palettes and decos allow designers the freedom to create their own majesty. This exclusive collection juxtaposes earthy calm with the clarity of modern aesthetics, bridging the gap between people and their environment.

Porcelain Tile

Tratto is a series of through body, glazed porcelain tile with a hand-drawn appearance. Tratto, which translates to “sketch” is reminiscent of architectural drawings, wherein lines are somewhat linear, yet imperfect. The surface of each tile has a matte finish, and designs are stenciled onto the surface, then coated in a powdered material that becomes commercial-grade glass upon firing. With Tratto, the individual styles (Circuit, Lines and Brick) are modular and can be used on their own or paired with other styles in the collection.

Porcelain Tile

Electra Grande is a series of glazed porcelain tile with printing applications and a unique geometric appearance. The collection is inspired by encaustic cement tile and has a slightly patinaed look, rather than having consistent, bold coloring throughout each piece. Tiles are oversized hexagons with lines projecting across the surface. Once the material is installed, the lines create a geometric pattern of their own. Tiles can be installed to form various patterns for floor and wall.


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