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Trend Collections

Explore our etherium® By E-Stone collections with Microban® protection. 

TREND La Veneziana

La Veneziana, an engineered stone, is a tribute to the ever-changing, beautiful Venetian Terrazzo. The latest look in terrazzo materials is a substrate that, has pigmented polyester resin and granules, or “grit”. For this collection, the “grit” is large, showing off the quartz, porcelain, granite, glass, or mosaic particles that make up the material.

TREND Terrazzo Origina ®

TREND Terrazzo Origina is a series of terrazzo-like engineered stone tiles and slabs that includes numerous colors with recycled glass content. The material is composed of approximately 93% “grit”, or chips, and 7% pigmented polyester resin. The grit, which is comprised of either quartz, porcelain, granite, glass, or mosaic, is crushed into nine different granule sizes.

TREND Trascenda ®

Trascenda™ is a material that uses the strength of an engineered stone combined with digital technology, using heat and pressure to transfer an image into the engineered surface. With Trascenda™, nearly any design can be achieved, including the look of wood, concrete, or natural stone, and can be customized.

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